Confindustria Alessandria
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The Employers’ Association of the Province of Alessandria is a free, voluntary, non-political association of companies:

•belonging mainly to the industrial sector, but open to companies of the tertiary (services) sector that are linked (in terms of managerial methods and/or production objectives) to the industrial sector;

•with offices and/or production sites within the area of our province (this is why we are classified amongst the “territorial associations”, the other division being that of the “trade – or product - associations”;

•characterised by a wide variety of production activities (metallurgical, mechanical, chemical, alimentary, textiles/clothes, wood, plastic materials, building materials, etc.), but with a majority presence of small and medium-sized companies;

•adhering to the national system of CONFINDUSTRIA (Confederation of Italian Industry) that unites 105 territorial associations and 110 trade associations, for a total of 113,000 companies of all sizes, employing around 4,200,000 people.

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• Confindustria: Confederation of Italian Industry

CONFINDUSTRIA ALESSANDRIA - VIA LEGNANO, 34 - 15121 ALESSANDRIA - ITALIA - T (+39) 0131 201511 F (+39) 0131 252573 - COD. FISCALE 80004670065